Book an appointment to meet in person or by phone

Our Academic Coordinator Brooke Tolmasov helps potential students learn more about the program, including admission criteria, cohort structure and learning online. She can also answer any questions about Conditional Admission, which affects students who are applying with between 60–68 transferrable units.

If you have questions about financial aid, or whether your lower-division generation education credits will transfer into the program, please send those via our contact form and the appropriate staff member will get back to you soon.

Current students are also welcome to book an appointment to speak with our advisor if they encounter any issues while in the program.


Advising Office and Parking

Brooke Tolmasov’s office is located in College Park, Suite 930 (2600 Nutwood Avenue) on the Cal State Fullerton campus (see map below). Campus visitors are suggested to use the Park and Pay spots behind College Park.